4160 Tuesdays London



Interview with 

Sarah McCartney

  • Can you speak on your background?

I'm from the north of England, and I've lived in London for over 30 years. I was school swot and played clarinet in the band. I also studied sciences.

  • Do you have any profound scent memories growing up?

I'm not sure that any of them deserve to be called profound. The best one is a shrub called southerywood, a kind of artemesia which gives off a beautiful aroma when you touch the leaves.

  • What were you doing before you became involved with the perfume world?

Before I set up 4160Tuesdays I was a copywriter, and trained people to write for their businesses. I wrote Lush Times for Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics for 14 years and learned a lot about scents, but only theoretically.

  • Can you remember the moment you decided to commit to becoming a perfumer?

Nope, I didn’t decide, I drifted into it. I was planning to be a novelist.

  • How did you know it would be such a big part of your life?

I really didn’t.

  • When you create a scent what are the things that inspires you?

Materials, people, places, events, music. It really depends on the day.

  • Can you talk about the brand, what are the themes that you use and how would you like your work to effect the person that wears it?

That's three questions. I want to make perfumes that people can love by capturing times and places that make people happy.
As well as that one, the Crimes of Passion was a theme - scents to inspire irresponsible acts of devotion. 
I'd love it if people enjoy wearing my fragrances, that's the effect I'm hoping for.

  • What would your biggest passion in life be at this point?

Just one? It's my company. I'd add fountain pens, chocolate, yoga, London, Paris and my husband.

  • Lastly where do you see the fragrance world headed?

The fragrance world is 10 million times bigger than my business, but I would say it's headed towards bespoke and customization.

  • Please share anything you like to say..

Be kind.