Interview with

Julie Nelson

  • What is your background and history?

My background in perfume officially started 20 years ago when I completed my diploma of Aromatherapy. I discovered essential oils in a quaint little new age shop around 1990. The first essential oils I purchased were Geranium, Patchouli and Bergamot. I was so taken in by how they made me feel and how I immediately experiences my self transform emotionally! I bathed in them, I used them in an oil burner and I made body oils and sprays to wear. It very quickly became apparent to me that these natural beauties had a powerful uplifting affect on me. It was then that I decided I wanted to study aromatherapy.

  • Have you always had an interest in scent and fragrance?

For as long as I can remember I have loved beautiful aromas. As a little girl I loved to sneak my mothers perfumes and adorn myself with her jewels, I had a real thing about wearing rings and longing to be grown up so I could wear make-up have my own perfumes and all of the fashion accessories that a woman could dream of. Of course we always got perfumed talcs and cheap bottles of scents, we thought this was so grown up! I did have 4711 as a young teen!!!

Before I discovered botanical essential oils I had a few favourite perfumes that I indulged in. Givenchy 111, Anais Anais, which I was loyal to for many years and then…I landed a job in a pop up perfume bar in Sydney in the early 80’s, I was in my element. It was owned by a French woman and you know I just can not remember the her name or her perfume bar name, I think the word Paris was in there somewhere. I didn’t last long there she was quite the tough one and I was not worldly enough to deal with her…A couple of years later I started working for Guerlaine as a perfume rep, I loved those perfumes. My favourites were Chamade, Shalimar, Jardins de Bagatelle and although I never wore it I absolutely loved L’heure Bleue

  •  How did the project begin?

My professional perfume journey began when I had my beautiful daughter in 1988. She was born with a life threatening congenital condition and 6 months later diagnosed with a second life threatening condition. I was 30 and wanted to find my niche’ my passion. I was a desperate Mother feeling so much helplessness and wanted to do more for my daughter and as mentioned earlier when I discovered true botanical essential oils I was hooked, I felt instantly connected to them and I realised that I could use these small bottles of beautiful scents to support us both. The more I read and experienced essential oils the more I wanted to know. So I went and studied my Diploma.Aromatherapy. I never wanted to be a massage therapist, I wanted to teach and was more interested in using the essential oils for healing on all levels through the power of smell and topical applications.

  • Tells us about the brand, it’s themes and character.

My brand is about healing the body, mind and soul. My clients receive beautiful quality handcrafted custom products that meet their needs. I chose the colours of my branding for the energy they hold and the name Aromatique Essentials reflects exactly what they are.

  • What are your views on where the perfume world is now and where it’s headed?

Personally I feel it has a long way to go in some areas. By this I mean that many perfumes available today are made up of synthetic ingredients and more recent research is finding that these ingredients are either causing or contributing to health issues. This is a very touchy subject and I do not want to offend anyone. Personally as a natural health and wellbeing advocate it is important to me that people are educated and understand what they are putting in to and on their bodies. That way they can make an educated decision as to what they choose to use. Many argue that essential oils are harmful or worse and yes they can be in the hands of a person who is not educated in the use of essential oils, however they are safer than many over the counter drugs available in our pharmacys.

I am on a mission to educate people on the difference between natural, botanical and synthetic perfumes. After all I am essentially first and foremost a health and wellbeing practitioner. Coming from a different belief system, training and mindset to most perfumers in the commercial world.

I see custom perfumes being more and more in demand. I create more personalised perfumes than anything else I offer. I love the whole process, being one on one travelling the journey of a scent creation together. We are all unique individuals and nothing can compare to having your own unique one of a kind perfume made just for you!

  • Did you have any fears when you started the company?

I can’t really think of any fears as far as starting up my business was concerned. I focused more on my mission and how I was going to get my message out there. I am very driven by passion and mission.

  • Where can we find your perfumes for purchase?

They can be ordered online through my shop at

I have four beautiful collections, both anointing perfumes and atomisers.

Having a custom perfume is very popular and I do attract this. Most people that come to me want something that no one else has.

  • Finally, do you have any thing you would like to share?

I have long been on a mission to support and educate as many people, especially women, as I can the world over on natural health and wellbeing. What better way to do this than through the power of smell and natural perfume. When using natural botanical perfumes you not only have beautiful scents at hand they work to support you emotionally, psychologically, physically and energetically.