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April Lewis of BoneFeathers

Bonefeathers: Bone \ˈbōn\ + feathers; feath•er \ˈfe-thər\, the concept of a strong foundation common to life, combined with elements of flight, from which to launch a dream into the air.

I have always loved telling stories. To tell a story, one must be able to describe and engage the senses. One of the senses that often gets left out of the narrative is the sense of smell. Little wonder, it's the hardest to decipher and the most mysterious to science. Smells affect us, often without a real awareness they are doing so. I can remember always having an affinity to things that smelled interesting. Labeling them good or bad were my least concerns, getting down to the root cause of the smell was most important.          

 Well, fast forward many long years and that wonder had not left me, but I hadn't connected the dots. Without sounding too strange, to me, smells had always had color, texture, vibrancy and they were a part of my every day awareness. I also had a keenness of nose for things others around didn't smell until it was pointed out, or sadly, they never smelled it.  I began creating bath and body products and blending simple scents that were big hits. Then, encouraged and looking for new avenues for creativity, I made what amounts to probably the worst perfume in my repertoire (long since retired), my very first perfume.

 An obsession began, pure and simple, to paint with my nose the scenes of memory, imagination and purposefully sought out experiences. What essential oils make a wet pavement scent? What flowers are actually sweet? Every perfume begins with a question. I began buying a lot and then a lot more perfume from other indie perfumers, admiring their tantalizing qualities and yearning to unveil the mysteries. I learned, I read, I dreamed.

My name is April and I am a natural perfumer..