Brand Identity

Brand Identity




We are a concept scent gallery that explores works of scent art by bringing together a collection of international artists and designers. In hopes to spark new collaborations, a deeper focus on the artist, and to create new inventive ways to present works of olfactive art. We feature brands and olfactive artists from every corner of the globe. As a blank canvas to discover the creativity of olfactive artists we do this by bring together their voices, uncover thoughts and visions. 


Originality Authenticity Creativity  


Brand Logo




Color Palettes

  • Black
    • #000000
    • 0,0,0
  • Early Dawn
    • #FFFEFB
    • 255,254,251
  • Torch Red
    • #EE0016
    • 238,0,22
  • Blue
  • #3D3DFB
  • 61,61,251



PT Sans

Open Sans




Photography Guidelines

Clean simple photos they should be modern and bright

Illustrations Guidelines

Bright dark colorful  

Video Guidelines

Should follow the clean modern outline from the rest of the sit


Social Media


Video reviews, content and docs


Connections with perfumers and brands


Connections with brands and the public


Connection with the public brands and creative world


The Gallery features curated selection o brands from around the world. Focused to continue the theme of fragrance art the gallery will have a limited number of brands to for a more focused picture of the scent landscape. This will include scent art, home products and natural brands as a focus.