Laura Lecce


  • Can you tell us of your background?

I come from the world of contemporary art. I am a curator, that means I choose theme paths of research and I involve artists that I appreciate for exhibitions or collaborative projects. I studied philosophy and theory of art and I started working for galleries and museums since I was 20, now I have my own space in Milan with other curators and artists, and I’m on Pelagica a project about Mediterranean area.

  • Have you always wanted to be in the fragrance industry?

I never considered it seriously, it was a big passion I had for many years. Now I’m beginning to discover this interesting world.

  • Was perfume or scent a large part of your childhood?

I come from the south of Italy and I grew up between seaside towns and beautiful countrysides. My mother is also a very good botanical and she always made me smell all its plants at home. A lot of scents have left their mark on me: all the citrus, all Mediterranean aromatic plants, the smell of pressed grapes in our cellars, saltiness of the sea places. But those with whom I have always dreamed of faraway worlds are the aromatic woods and spices, my olfactory imagery is always turned to North Africa and the Middle East.

  • How did your journey begin?

When I was growing up like all children I was attracted by the scents of my mother. I also ask for present a game to create real perfumes! But I would say that the journey actually started around six years ago when a night, I smelled for the first time an incense scent. It 'was a real initiation smell, it struck me!

  • Tell us a little about your work.

I started a blog called Enscent.me where I tell perfumes. On Enscent I try to tell all the world of references and inspiration behind a fragrance. Mainly I choose stories of niche perfumery but I do not preclude anything.

  • What is the creative process that you follow if you can share?

I do not follow the same mood for all the posts, sometimes trips, books or artists inspired me and I talk about a scent even if it is an old fragrance. But I write a post also if there is a new release that I like telling what I think. I focus a lot on ingredients and what the creator wanted to evoke, I focus on the concept of the scent. Then I do a very accurate images research because on my blog images must strongly communicate the universe of a fragrance.

  • What would be your dream project?

I'd like simply to help people meet new olfactory experiences with my blog! It would be enough!

  • Finally is there anything else that you would like to share?

Just visit my blog and I hope you enjoy it!


10.09.2015 Milan Italy