Cérine Vasseur

Cérine Vasseur



1 Creators

  • Can you tell us about the founders, was scent a large part of your lives growing up?

The founders of the brand EVODY are Régine Droin and Cérine Vasseur. We are a mother and daughter duo. Scent has always been a big part of our lives for the both of us. My mother discovered her passion for fragrances during a special perfume operation that she had to organize for a chain of perfumeries for which she worked. For this, she immersed herself completely in this universe, the history, the scents, it was a revelation for her. As for myself, since I was a child, I've always been in love with perfumes, I loved when my mother came back from work with new perfumes and I played with my miniatures making mixtures which where more or less successful !


  • How did you find yourself working with-in the scent world?

Like I said, my mother has always worked in this industry. As perfume lovers, we were in need of places in Paris that would propose artistic fragrances, not the commercial ones that were launched and that looked like each other. That's how the story began. We decided to open a shop specialized in artistic fragrances, a place people felt good in, and could take the time to chose the right fragrance. It was in 2006 and back then, it was the only place like that in Paris.


  • What do you enjoy the most about your work?

Creation of course, this moments when you work on the fragrance. The one that will illustrate the emotions and the story you want to communicate. This is complex and it's about precision. But when you get to the achievement it is such a good feeling !

  • How did mother and daughter end up working together on a fragrance brand?

It came out after some talk we had with a perfumer. We have had the opportunity to make our own fragrances for ourselves and because we had the shop, we decided to launch them. Our customers encouraged us a lot and they made such a warm welcome to the brand, we decided to keep going this way and be totally dedicated to the brand.



2 Beginnings

  • How did the company begin?

It began in 2006 with the EVODY shop (which no longer exists), then the brand was created in end 2008, it was a very personal approach.


  • What are the roles of everyone involved and how does it come together as a team?

We both are involved in the creation of the fragrances. Then I'm more in the artistic creation, design, website, ... and my mother is more in the financial part of the company.


  • When a new project is approached can you speak on the process of creating?
  • First of all, we share ideas my mother and I. We decide together what is the subject we want to express in the fragrance. then, we collect informations in order to be faithful with the idea we want to interpret and we make a brief to the perfumer. Then owe do back and forth with the perfumer to obtain the exact result we have in our minds.
  • Does the culture of the area have a influence on the works?

Of course it does, since our childhood the area we live in is what will make you love or hate fragrances. So it continues during our whole lives.


  • Is there a certain something that you are looking for as artists when creating a new scent?

We look for provoking emotions. Good or bad but as long as there is a reaction, it's a good sign.


3 end

  • Lastly where do you see the scent world headed in the next few years?

There are lots of changes in the world of perfume lately. More and more brand, big artistic brands are being bought by big groups. So I guess there will be a new distribution of the cards. Some brands will disappear while other will maintain themselves. Future will tell!


  • Is there anything else that you would like to say?

Yes. Perfume is also about having fun and emotions ! It's important not to take oneself too seriously ! As long as pleasure is there...


And... THANK YOU !! ;)


All the best