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 Perfumes and Extracts of Euphoric Transcendentalism


"Cilise Perfumer, Etienne Chevreuil, was also co-founder of the Euphorium with Graf Rudolph Komodo and Dr./ Prof., Christian Rosenkreuz in 1857. The original notebooks of Euphorium formulas have been used to recreate Cilise and other EUPHORIUM Eau de Parfums. The Euphorium's "Komodo Process" of refining and blending fragrances with neuro toxins and hallucinogens tailored to each users specific "Euphoric State" was developed by Mr. Chevreuil together with Graf Rudolph Komodo and Dr./ Prof. Christian Rosenkreuz in the early 1860's.

 A self proclaimed "Transcendental Sensualist", Mr. Chevreuil evolved theories of achieving euphoric states using resonant sound waves to harmonize fragrance elements specifically for the user. Born in Grasse, France, Etienne was the youngest child of Jean-Claude Chevreuil, also know as the Lavender Baron of Grasse and famed mentalist, Hildegard Gottscalk-Chow. His social connections and personal wealth allowed Mr. Chevreuil to both promote his theories and establish a wide reaching network for the sale of Euphorium Parfums, elixirs and hallucinogens before the onset of the 20th century."-EBP

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