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"FRASSAÏ is a contemporary jewelry brand based in New York City and Buenos Aires. Our pieces combine noble and organic materials, often playing with fragrance and engaging the senses. We believe that each piece is the expression of an emotion and its value goes beyond its material. In fact, we do not work with expensive stones nor rely solely on expensive metals because we believe all materials that come from nature are precious. As part of our sustainable approach, we handcraft all our pieces in limited quantities. We work with trusted artisans and believe in the integrity of original design and craftsmanship. Expect each piece to be unique. "- Frassai


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Natalia Outeda

  • Can you tell us of your background?

I come from the fragrance industry. I worked in fragrance development for major brands before creating my jewelry brand, FRASSAÏ. I wanted to combine my passions and experience in perfumery, fashion and gastronomy to create something of my own. 

  •  Did you have an interest in fragrance growing up?

Not particularly. I had no idea how fragrances were created before I started working in the industry. But I always loved scent. I enjoyed it more in nature rather than perfume. While working in fragrance evaluation, I developed my nose. I immersed myself in the world of perfumery creation and learned tremendously from those around me. It was a privilege to work with so many talented and generous people.

  • Well, how did your current journey begin?

It began with the desire to create something I could call my own. I’m a very curious person and I wanted to explore my creativity and challenge myself with a new project. I moved to Buenos Aires from New York and started apprenticing in jewelry. From the beginning, I knew I wanted to work with the senses and focus on scent. That’s how the Fragrance Flacon Necklace was born. It’s a handcrafted piece where you can carry your perfume of choice. It comes with a handmade funnel to decant your scent.

  • Where would you say the fragrance/jewelry world is in at the moment? What are your thoughts for its future?

With hundreds of new fragrances coming out every year, I think many consumers are confused. Brands have the need to come up with ‘newness’ all the time. It’s part of what we demand as consumers. However, there are few fragrances that remain in the market after a few years. And even fewer become ‘classics.’

More and more people are choosing niche brands over commercial ones now. They are looking for distinctiveness and quality, a fragrance they can call their own and that you can’t smell in every corner. Like fragrance, the jewelry industry is also changing. There is a bigger appreciation for innovation and design pieces. There is more interest in handcrafted instead of mass produced. People want to know who’s behind the brand and what makes it authentic.

  •  What would you say is your creative process if you can share?

It starts with inspiration, which can really come from anywhere. This drives the desire to design and create. I design and make all of my pieces. The techniques may vary depending on the design. In most pieces I use the same traditional jewelry techniques that fine jewelers use. In my work however, the goal is to express emotion, and the value has less to do with the material used. I have used bones, acrylic, and noble metals for my creations. I have also created custom wedding bands in white and yellow gold. It’s good to change things up and be willing to explore and have fun.

  • Do you have any advice for those that may want to begin to step out for their dreams or goals?

There is nothing more fulfilling than creating something of your own, whether it’s a product or a service. You need to have the drive and desire to work hard, but it’s well worth it! I am also grateful for all the people and mentors I have encountered on my new journey. Connecting with other entrepreneurs is a great way to get support.

  • Where can we find your work?

My work is available at I have also created a blog where I like to write about fragrance.

  •    Finally do you have any other words that you would like to share?

Thank you for reaching out to me and spreading olfactive awareness!


Flacon Necklace

"The Fragrance Flacon Necklace contains an unseen glass vial for holding liquid perfume, ready to be experienced on a whim. Each fragrant jewel serves as a magical talisman, for it protects spirit and soul." Frassai


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Journey into a far away place...