The Olfactive

THE GATE is an inspiration of cultures, civilization, society & norm around the globe to connect them by "KEY" of smell (fragrance). THE GATE has its parameter to all the cultures by providing them with ways to get attached with other cultures. THE GATE is actually a path which ties all the traditions by integrating their smell in a solitary component. In THE GATE we know that the culture of any society can be reflected by their odor and their sense of smell associated with them and to their society from which they belong. So we work on the scents of different nations by professionally blending them to generate few unique smells which can represent themselves all by means of their odor and smell. In simple words THE GATE is connecting the people's hearts from different states, by providing them the feel of a similar site. THE GATE is a key to open the door of a person's heart who belongs to another ethnicity and he can enter in it via route of scent.

 I, Fady Adwan have been passionate about smells since my childhood, flowers attract me from start. From my childhood I frequently visited the gardens and try to smell flowers. I feel comfortable and energetic among smells. I got my first gift Perfume at the age of 10. I do start gathering perfume collections of that time. I always smell more and more flowers and try to differentiate their smell which helps me to develop my nose skills. I do to smell spices and herbs and learn their names by smell. I distinguish the things easily by their smell. I converted my passion to my profession in 1997 at the age of 18 start my business . At that time I visited the Egypt Ancient market which enhance my talent of scene by smelling different ancient spices, musk and flowers and their special mixtures. To enhance my skill beyond the Egyptian market I visit many European companies in 2001. I attend many fragrances related seminars and workshops there. I start cooperation with Charabota and start many projects together. In 2003 I visit Symrise and attend fragrance courses and workshops and learn about smells of all the flowers like rose, gardenia, orchid, lily, violet, iris jasmine etc. In 2002 I graduated in photography and start capturing the beauty of flowers by a camera eye for a better and closer view of their colors. In 2009 I went outside to discover the world. I want to discover the nature of entire world, I learn their norms and cultures their taste of smells so I visited Germany, France, Switzerland, Demark, Norway, Italy, Span their my knowledge about smelling was improved well. After that I came to Dubai to establish my passionate profession of fragrances here in Gulf Market. I start cooperation with Drom Fragrances GmbH Germany. I have big cooperation with them every year. In Dubai my perception about fragrances is totally changed from western style of smell to eastern style of smells. As the smells here are more towards oriental musk, oudh, woody and amber. As I sophisticated about the smells of every society so I worked it out to create my special mix which can reflect the taste of all cultures. I work hard and after thoroughly studying I blend my brand THE GATE. Initially I Launch 12 perfumes for THE GATE. All of these fragrances had a history of extensive efforts and hard work. As a perfumer I will constantly working in my brands as its not only business for me it's my passion.

In 2011 we are cooperation with la Ric luxury beauty company from Austria we are created for them a luxury oriental fragrance. In 2014 we also created luxury and exclusive fragrance for princes of Bahrain for her marriage this cooperation with Ali Bakhtiar wedding planner as a princes gift for her wedding . In 2011 we cooperated and created fragrance for a large company in Dubai and Saudi Arabia, in 2014 cooperation. Worood Company in Dubai we are created exclusive fragrance series it's selling in Lafayette gallery in Dubai mall. And in 2015 we create The Gate Parfumes


 12 fragrances


From a small hole, we can see small things but through The Gate you can see all things!

To feel the sensitivity of emotions, you need to go from The Gate of Music.

To feel the beauty of any society, you need to enter from The Gate of Art.

To feel for the knowledge, you need to enter from The Gate of Science.

To feel the emotions, you have to pass from The Gate of Love.

To feel the passion, you need to go from The Gate of Sport


The Gate is a key of passion to take you from the world to another world by means of beauty, which gives you energy to feel it in the future. We need to recognize and connect with all the cultures just like a butterfly which discovers the humanity from the smell of flower and moves from flower to flower to explore the beauty of colors by means of love. Gate provides such connections that integrate with the smells of all the traditions in a solitary component. In THE GATE, we know the culture of any society can be reflected by their odor and its sense of smell is associated with them and their humanity from which they belong to. So we work on the scents of different nations and professionally blend them to generate few unique smells which can represent them all by means of their odor and smell. In simple words, THE GATE is connecting the people's heart from different states by providing them the feel of similar site. The Gate is an inspiration for different civilization to discover them through a single path. You can’t view an entire beauty by a key hole. Gate is a way which can provide pen passages to explorer of the beauty of other side. 

THE GATE symbolizes the end of an old era and the transition to a fresh start, new experiences and changes. The room behind a gate is often unknown and mysterious. Whoever opens the gate is confronted with life-changing impressions, and nothing remains the same. Furthermore, a gate is shielded by guardians like gods or archangels who protect it from trespassers, evil forces and ghosts. In times of danger gates are closed, where as in peace they are widely opened. Gates are like constrictions ruling over who are allowed to get through to the world that lies beneath them and who are not allowed as well. Only those who possess the key to the gate are worthy enough to pass through and explore a world full of magic and inspiration.


Sweet sour raspberries and flirty orange fragments bring to life the essence of a deep and edgy fragrance. All sorts of soft and syrupy smells of ripe apricots along with tremendously sweetened honey create an artistic melancholy, which take the soul to a very phenomenal ecstasy. Particles of highly fragrant cashmere add a pungent muskiness to the mood. Slipping in the air is the odor of creamy vanilla extracts which gives and artistic illusion to a blissful moment of adornment. at twilight.

Top notes are raspberry and orange. 
Middle notes are osmanthus and honey.
Base notes are amber, agarwood (oud), cashmere wood and musk.


Biting into the sour citrus you wander all the way through an exotic floral of ylang-ylang and jasmine. The sweet smells of roses have an enigmatic effect, sweeping you up a mystical pathway. Such romantic union is the outburst of a deep fragrant of splendors and admirations. Powerful and flourishing summer breeze drowns you into the smooth silky vanilla extracts, along with the intoxicated and strong musky fragrance. Sweet spicy sandalwood and grounded Tonka beans give a unique and appealing aroma which gives life a distinctive fragrance as you had never before experienced.

Top notes are citruses, melon, pineapple, lotus and lily.
Middle notes are may rose, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, mimosa, rose and ylang-ylang. 
Base notes are musk, vanilla, peach, sandalwood, orris root, vetiver and tonka bean.


The soothing stinging smell of berries captures your attention by bringing an exotic effect. Driving you through the botanical gardens of the rosy pink pepper odor, creates a Mexican blend in the air. The scent of fresh iris creates a hypnotic circle and seizes your mind with the fascinating orange bloom in the atmosphere. The blend of jasmine and soft silky vanilla orchid’s sweeps you off with a marvelous odor and later on added with subtle effect of deep rich chocolate aroma creates a spellbinding touch.

Top notes are black currant, pear and pink pepper. 
Middle notes are iris, orange blossom, coffee and jasmine. 
Base notes are patchouli, tonka bean, vanilla, cedar and dark chocolate.


The aroma of sweet oriental and silky Gardenia brings you towards a temptation of comforting milky warmth which further flows with intoxicating and misty smell of lotus and orchids and starts to drive you through a beautiful imaginary land, leading to some lush green tropical meadows of some country side. It then creates a melody of sweet-spicy sandalwood having a soothing odor; creating mysterious floral wisps of soft and warm vanilla essence which gives an energizing effect to the inner soul. To top it up, the smell of Dark chocolate has a heavenly aroma and it sweeps your imagination towards the floral gardens of Eden.

Top notes are pink pepper, pear, fruity notes, gardenia, bergamot and tuberose.
Middle notes are tuberose, jasmine, ylang-ylang, spices, lotus and orchid. 
Base notes are amber, musk, patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver, dark chocolate and vanilla.


Walking down the seashore there is a mystical flow in the wind along with that is the sweet-spicy aroma of hyacinth which raises the sensual mood. The charismatic odor of pineapple essence touches you with the feeling of fun and joy across the seashore. The soft and sweet iris aroma gives you a soothing effect. To blend this ideal odor the jasmine and pink pepper extracts create a mystical circle around you. The musk patchouli brings in an exotic feeling along with soft and warm smell of vanilla and amber.

Top notes are hyacinth and pineapple. 
Middle notes are iris, jasmine and pink pepper.
Base notes are vetiver, musk, patchouli, amber and vanilla.


The air has an element of sourness to itself when the musk fragrance of orange and lemon blends in with sweet honey like berries bringing upon a euphoric effect. Imagination can run wild and can take you to the exotic island of Madagascar, where the breeze has a silk like sweet smell of vanilla and white musk as well which bring upon an energizing and exciting essence to life. The love aroused by the sensational fragrance is unattainable in elsewhere hypnotic atmosphere.

Top notes are bergamot, orange and lemon. 
Middle note is fruity notes. 
Base notes are amber, madagascar vanilla and white musk.


The citric essence of orange and lemon fragments in the chilly winter breeze adds a feeling of wildness and rowdiness. Spiritual homage to the chilly winter night is added up with a deep and fuzzy fragrance of coriander and cinnamon crystals. The historic and pleasing aroma of smooth and soft amber brightens all the uneasiness of the soul. Spices of caraway blended with patchouli leaves add a mystical and mysterious essence to a refreshing self. The feelings of beauty lust and love are dazed in some charming moments with awe-inspiring fragrance.

Top notes are aldehydes, mandarin orange, orange, mate and magnolia; 
Middle notes are coriander, cinnamon, nutmeg and caraway; 
Base notes are patchouli, amber, labdanum and vetiver.


The compelling scent of lemon and orange essence touches you with the sensations of fun and joy while walking across the beach during a pleasant summer evening. The air has a flirty bite in itself with the essence of wild grapefruits and phenomenal sweet odor cranberries.  The soft and lovable violets aroma gives you a peaceful effect. The rich of the fragrance knits a spiritual and mystical essence with soft smooth vanilla extracts. To blend this ideal odor the jasmine and raspberry extracts excite a seductive and sexy ambiance across the atmosphere.

Top notes are bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, cranberry and lavender. 
Middle notes are saffron, nutmeg, woody notes, jasmine, violet, raspberry and lily-of-the-valley.
Base notes are amber, vanilla, leather and patchouli.


The sweet sour citric odor of orange and pepper takes over your senses and brings liveliness to the inner soul. Smooth sweet synthetic aroma of labdanum, drives your senses through a mystical pathway of a warm and airy direction. The aromatic essence of vanilla takes you off in a new and inspirational world of mystery and ecstasy. The pungent sweet-spicy sandalwood mixed with musky leather odor give rise to a fascinating and blissful result. Joyful moments are the outcome of these fragrances closer to the heart.

Top notes are bergamot, orange and pepper. 
Middle notes are sugar, labdanum, opoponax and incense. 
Base notes are patchouli, vanilla, leather and sandalwood.


The summer’s trespassing humidity blows a jubilant scent in your path, while the citric tinge flirts the ocean breeze, piercing into a fresh odor of lemon. Exotic floral of rosemary and heavenly roses produce an intoxicating effect. The gorgeous odor of sweet lavender mingles around, tempting you and seducing you to the fullest. Sweet-spicy sandalwood brings to life the soul of a stunning spring evening. The wholesome ambiance of the odor gives you a unique and charismatic feeling which ponders over you throughout the day.

Top notes are orange blossom and lemon. 
Middle notes are rose, rosemary, nutmeg, coriander, geranium, lavender and cardamom. 
Base notes are litchi, tonka bean, teak wood, vetiver, sandalwood and musk.


The tropical breeze of Basil harmonized with sweet subtleness of bushy jasmine shrubs arouse a spirit of bliss and ecstasy. Adding an inspirational tendency, sage seizes you all the way through a spirituous union at the heart of fragrance. Sensual sweet-spicy odor of sandalwood warms the air by the addition of flirty essence of violets. Pungent agar wood energizes the mood along with that, heavenly sweet aroma of amber incenses a mystical spirit by mesmerizes you through a wonderful manifestation of charm and magnetism.

Top notes are basil, jasmine, sage and resins.
Middle notes are woody notes, leather, violet and incense. 
Base notes are amber, olibanum and agarwood (oud).


Fresh and mystifying odor of grapefruits makes way for the stately sweet pineapples bursting with evanescent blooms that are magnificently mixed with sweet and creamy vanilla essence. Earthy aroma of patchouli brings you out of awakening of a bewitching dream. The energizing odor of rose result in a powerful essence which has passionate scent of strong musk added to jasmine and it adds an ornamentation in the atmosphere. The flourishing jasmine fragrance brings a sensual leafy wealth juxtaposed with the Mandarin oranges brings a passionate sensitivity to life.

Top notes are bergamot, black currant, pineapple and mandarin orange. 
Middle notes are birch, patchouli, rose and jasmine. 
Base notes are musk, oakmoss, vanilla and ambergris.