Gwyneth Paltrow, the founder of GOOP was inspired to create a collection of scents that would take those that would wear it on a journey. With the collaboration of perfumer DOUGLAS LITTLE the "EDITIONS" are concepts of seasons and moments. In EDITION 1 we find the forest, cypress, the of warmth fireplaces in winter and the raw beauty of nature. And with EDITION 2 we are presented with a abstraction of the forest floor a green fresh scent based around a rarely used Japanese leaf that shares the same name "Shiso" this is blended with wet moss, agar(oud)woods and various rare notes that are found deep in the forests of east.


“goop fragrance is composed entirely of natural elements, harnessing the healing and even mystical powers of plants, flowers, and barks. Because of our commitment to clean beauty and transparency, we list every ingredient in our fragrance. We’re proud of our ingredients: They’re not only non-toxic and safe; they also have many healing properties.” – goop