Marine Futin

  • Can you tell us of your background?

I am French, and i have been living in NYC for 4 years now. I have been playing music forever, starting this project 10 years ago with the first songs I wrote. I arrived to New York because I was very curious about the Jazz scene, and the energy of the city. I wanted to record my debut album here. Which I just finished ! It will be released April 28.

  •  Did you have a interest in music growing up?

I did, I started playing piano when I was 6, and then switched to guitar at 20, when I left home and I had no piano anymore. I haven't touch my piano since then, and wrote all the songs with my guitar. As I travel a lot, the guitar is super convenient ! You can have it with you everywhere, and write songs from all around the world ;)

  • What would you say is your creative process if you can share?·        

I got inspired by life and moments. I write a lot during nights, when it is all quiet. It is one of my favorite moment to create. I feel very free ! Usually, music and lyrics come all together, I can't separate them, they are a combination of emotions. The rhythm inspires me words, and words inspire me melodies.

  • Do you have any advice for those that may want to become an perfumer or designer of scent or anything that is creative in general?

Follow your heart whatever it takes. It is a long road to get a project/idea mature and ready, to meet the right people, but its worth the sleepless nights. Never give up ! 

  •  Finally do you have any other words that you would like to share?

Get my debut album on iTunes or Amazon on April 28 ! :)

Thank you all again!


Victoire Oberkampf /// Marine Futin ///

Marine Futin performing "L'alphabet" Brooklyn, NY Kenji Herbert on Guitar Peter Kronreif on Drums Shooting : Jiye Kim Editing : Marine Futin and Jiye Kim