Narcotico tells the beginning of a new cycle. A fragrance that becomes ritual, the first chapter of a new poetic-olfactory research path, the "cycle of Mysticism." A physical and mental journey in holy places and transfigured by the human soul's smell.

In the words of a artist 

Giuseppe Imprezzabil

  • Beginnings

Can you speak briefly about your life growing up if and how/if scent and creativity was a large part of it?

Before you began your journey into the fragrance industry did you have a different path that you planned to follow for your life?

Can you describe your mental process of creating a scent or what inspires you?

What do you enjoy the most about your work?

I grew up studying chemistry and medicinal plants. I grew up with a passion for anthropology and literature. I studied for so long aromatherapy but I never thought to become perfumer in my life. This step took place by chance, in Istanbul, suddenly a door opened and I decided to cross it, from then on my journey of life and art has changed, forever. In my process of creating, the fragrance born from my poetic, from the story of my life, from my travels, physical and inner. So far our journey has addressed various aspects of human life, the journey, poetry and mystical quest. The perfume takes shape and begins to be born when the poetry was marked, at this point start a careful search for raw materials, they coming from all over the world and arrive in our study, this is the beginning of the true creation phase, where drop by drop comes the scent. I think my work is a process research of the olfactory memory, I try to take the more poetic part, more human... the emotion; seeing a person be touched by alchemical something I have created is a great joy, I think the greatest in our work.

  • Being

What is your favorite color?

Is there one thing that you could not live without?

Do you feel that parfume or scent plays a major role in love or the process of courtship?

Looking at my wardrobe I can safely say that my favorite color is black, but I like also all the nuances that nature gives us. I think the only thing I could not do without is the music, the sound, because it envelops my mind, soothes my work, accompanies him. If the one to which you refer is something more spiritual and emotional I think the key thing for me is the person with me in this project, which is Federica Castellani, the art director Meo Fusciuni. Together we decide every aspect of the history of Meo Fusciuni, my work is create the poetry and the scent, she take care of the artistic part, communication management and business. Being the subject of one of our senses, smell or fragrance I think can be considered essential in a loving relationship, or in a period of courtship, it is biology, it is chemistry, it's anthropology, it's evolution, in the human and animal world. Every human relationship is regulated by subtle factors and what I consider the scent a thin link between two people, which can attract or repel, can give us joy or fear.

  • Brand

Can you speak about the brand? How did it begin? How would you describe the brand as a entire work?

How does the culture effect the work of the parfums in the collection?

What direction do you see for the brand?

As we tell in our presentation Meo Fusciuni born from the artistic definition of perfume as olfactory memory and marks the first term in 2010 with the Trilogy of Journey: nomadic, essence and memory. To explain the Brand we can start from the name: Meo Fusciuni, the name comes from his native Sicilian dialect. Meo is the diminutive of my father's name, and Fusciuni means “flowing stream, liquid” and was a nickname of my grandfather. My past and my experiences are made of many human and artistic shades, I'm graduated in chemist and herbalist, everything has influenced my work. My path is not usual for a "nose" and all that I have created has been done by self-taught. I think the foundation about any project is the cultural, poetic and humane base; these three aspect together make up the very fabric of a man and then and the heart in a project such as Meo Fusciuni. Today, research and projects of our brand tell our life, our journey, a journey that is following different paths of the human soul. The nature of things surrounds each perfume we create. I think every step is a ritual of healing in the life of a man, also the transition from  herbalist to perfume's creator is a ritual, it was held in Istanbul, the city where it was born my first perfume (note # 1 travel - Rites of passage) and place where I decided  this is the right path for me; late 2009 and early 2010; in that place arose the first steps of this project. More than the culture, I think that to affect our work is our cultural research, our curiosity, the desire to discover in every perfume a different aspect of the human soul. Another important aspect is the journey, the discovery of himself through the other, through the diversity. Of course, the background of our lives is essential, as we have grown culturally and how even today we seek to continue our journey. Our future is now, the immediate present, after about a year of work will be presented our new work that closes the trilogy of mysticism and then, after another trip, we come back to work on a new cycle, we are excited to finish an important cycle and start a new one.

I define myself as a researcher of olfactory memories

  • Thoughts

What is a word of advice that you have never forgotten?

Any thoughts about the direction that the scent world is taking?

I never forgot that art can only be achieved by the humility of the artist. (Rilke-Rodin). in the world, the scent is increasingly luxury research and something that differentiates a man from another one, even the same perfumery commercially is moving its eyes on this world. I only follow my path, create moods, emotions, olfactory memories born from human research, this is my purpose.

  • Final

Where can we experience the brand?

Is there anything else that you would like to say?

At the moment we have not distribution, this is our choice, but we work directly with a best stockists worldwide, it's really interesting how this emotion can arrive so far... So you can found our collection for example in America, in Australia, in South Korea and China... and of course in Europe. I define myself as a researcher of olfactory memories, I do not follow the beauty of the perfume but the odor emotion, memory. I will continue this path for a long time until poetry will be part of my journey. Many people write us to speak about their experience, they open their mind and their soul through the perfumes we have created.

There are no borders.