The Olfactive

a b o u t  m e

My passion for perfumery was sparked fifteen years ago by a book and a handful of essential oils, gifts from a friend. Since then, I have been studying and experimenting. 

In a parallel Florentine life, I graduated in History of Art and then worked in book publishing.  I moved to Berlin, then to Luxembourg and finally to Amsterdam, where I currently live. 

Nowadays, it takes me a hermit life to devise a formula which I then blend, holding my breath at every drop I add as in a sacred ritual. At those ecstatic and silent moments when I combine different materials, I feel like an alchemist since the purpose is not a simple mixture of elements, but a prodigious transformation into a new one.

a n g e l 's   d u s t    s e x  a n d  t h e  s e a   t h e   d a r k   s i d e

Actual circumstances, states of mind and intuitions

fraught with a troubling, sensorial, emotional or spiritual meaning is the source of my inspiration, these are my epiphanies.