The Olfactive

Al Faransi® is a perfume house founded in 1434(H) - 2013(CE) by the French perfumer Abdul Karim Al Faransi.

Specializing in oriental fragrances, the brand has been quickly distinguished by its quality offering of fine and rare Agarwood oils (Oud), Musks and Amber. Since the beginning, priority is placed on the quality of products rather than quantity, to create unique and evocative scents, using only the finest ingredients within the World. The House of Abdul Karim Al Faransi is built upon the love and the know-how of the Muslim world and Arabia. Perfume creations by Abdul Karim Al Faransi have emerged here adding originality to the quality and nowadays the brand is among the leaders of the Arabian ‘Niche’ market for those individuals who know and appreciate their perfumes. 


  • We may start at the beginning, has scent always been a large part of your life?

Yes, I’ve always appreciated pleasant fragrances, whether it’s incense, perfumes or simply the smells of nature. I’ve always found it a very calming experience.

  • Are there any scent memories from growing up that you are still drawn to?

I remember coming across some patchouli essential oil a few years ago. For some reason, I was drawn to this particular fragrance. It reminded me of my childhood. I talked to my mother about it, and she explained that she used to wear patchouli perfume when I was younger. For me, patchouli brings my memories flooding back. Lavender reminds me of family trips across southern France. Smells have a really powerful effect on memory!

  • How did your career or journey into the fragrance world begin?

Ever since I became interested in the world of perfumes, I’ve always had a preference for Oriental fragrances. So I began my quest for the famous “Dehn al-oud” – the essential oil from agarwood. Over time, I also discovered musk and amber. Through a series of chance meetings, I started to take an interest in the mukhallat concept – the Arabic word for “mixture”. Through theory and practice, I learned how to mix different notes to create my own fragrances.

  • What inspires you?

I’m inspired by the history of the world’s civilizations and cultures. This fascination is reflected in the names of my perfumes. Baghdad is inspired by Arab culture, Mukhallat At Tabari by Persian culture and Bosaso by Somalian culture, for example. Our history and heritage are sources of vast inspiration. Every nation and group has its own culture – a culture that opens the door to an almost infinite array of sensory combinations.

  • Can you talk about your creative process and your team and how everything works together to create your art?

We’re a traditional, family-run business. Our ideas come from current affairs, history, and conversations with others. We then conduct research to try to build on these ideas, before looking for the perfect ingredients. This is the start of a lengthy process, in which we seek to create the perfect formulation and produce a truly unique perfume. When I think I’ve got it right, I always consult my wife. We then work together to settle on the final formulation before releasing it for sale. In my view, her opinion is crucial.

Can you share words about the perfumes that you have created?

Each of my perfumes is unique. The fragrances change over time as you wear them. My ambition is to create perfumes that take the wearer on a journey. I also use musk, dehn al-oud or amber as my base – these are the three most important bases of Oriental fragrances.


  • What is your view of the fragrance world and how it is changing?

In my view, there are two separate worlds: the mass perfume sector and the niche sector. Today, I think there’s a growing interest in niche perfumes. This reflects the renewed interest in fine-quality fragrances, and in perfumery as an art form.


  • What is view your advice to anyone seeking to follow their creative side?

In life, you should never put something off. It’s better to make mistakes than to live with regrets. Nobody else is going to follow your dreams for you.

  • What is something that you would like people to gain from your works?

As I said before, I like to create perfumes that take people on a journey and allow them to explore new cultures. My work is proof that you can genuinely create something out of nothing.

  • Finally, how may we find your brand and is there anything else that you would like to say?

Our first boutique is located in Birmingham, in the UK. Otherwise, you can visit our website and order online. We deliver to anywhere in the world!  I recommend you give the Oriental perfume a try. If you’re not already familiar with it, it’s guaranteed to transport you to another place!