The Olfactive

Claudine Roublot

I was born in Grasse where my family has been living for two generations when they came from a small village up in the mountains north of Grasse and where they used to harvest lavender, hyacinth and aromatic plants. In the '40s when they came in Grasse my grandmother opened a general store where she was selling lavender and rose essences and many perfumed products like candles, perfumes sachets and soaps perfumed with those flowers among many other daily necessary things as well as antics. I still remember today the rose fragrance from my childhood, it is my madeleine and the only fragrance which could make my eyes water together this lavender oil I keep from my grandfather from the last harvest he made. I have to say that in the family's house as well as in mine, there is always a lavender blossom somewhere, lavender sachet in my drawers and I never miss the blossom season.

I have always wanted to work in the world of perfume although the chance did not show up before I was 40 when I started working as Export, Communication and Brand manager. I learned there all about perfume: how to create, how to produce, how to communicate, how to sell; and this experience was crucial for the development of my current activity.

When I started thinking about my project, I wanted to find a way to put perfume within the reach of all who desire it while keeping very good quality products. Today, thanks to my her olfactory marketing experience and I design perfumes from A to Z to companies seeking to create their own signature fragrances.

Like a house, a perfume is something very personal to a store, a brand or even for an even as it is for any individual, my task is to understand the desire of each customer, understand their activity/clientele and I provide a dedicated liaison who will guide clients through every phase of the creation and production process without any fear as they most of the time have an image of something unreachable. I have specialized in small quantities as my goal is really to afford any store/brand/individual (for an event) to have access to perfume, mostly for fashion brands and stores in the entire World.