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Поэт//The Poet

Nimere Парфюмерия//Nimere Parfums

Photos Credit : Natalia Vitkovskaya, Evgeniia Kroll, Andrey Ilyashenko, model - Mario Armel

  • Can you speak of your background?

 - I was born in Kazakhstan. But childhood in different cities and countries. I lived in Russia Kaliningrad, Kёningsburg in Latvia (Riga)...
As I am a musician, Saxophone player. The music is one of the main things in my life, it inspires me to most of my perfume. Even as a child, in Riga, I was introduced to the world of aromatherapy. Essential oils had a place in my heart, I have used them in my daily life and not a day has passed that I have not used them at home. Everywhere, I use them everywhere. The aroma lamp in the bathroom, in the kitchen. The main thing was to find a decent quality producer of essential oils and I found it.
So I loved the world of fragrances.

  • Do you have any profound scent memories from growing up?

- As I said earlier since childhood I was surrounded by the scents and smells of natural essential oils. Most memorable flavor in childhood? ... Probably Jasmine. When I traveled to Tunisia, I found a bush with jasmine. His scent captivated me! I love it very much still to this day. I have a feature (or maybe it is at all perfumes, I do not know :)) - I love all the smells. Almost all, without exception! Some people do not like the scent of birch tar, or indole, or other strong odors. I love most of all scents but I'm talking about the natural scents. I do not touch on synthetic molecules.. there's something I do not like about Synthetic fragrances - but this is a separate issue. But even if I do something and do not like the scent or flavor, it just goes to show that I have not yet learned how to work with them. From molecules to me I find personally difficult because there is so much about it that depends on the quantity. But there are also insanely beautiful molecules! I just love Cashmeran, Uda synthetic I really have nothing against synthetic fragrances though I prefer a natural.

  • What were you doing before you became involved with scent and the perfume world?

 -I worked in a casino dealer once, this is surprising, perhaps ... But then I realized that I have a gift - a vision of the beauty around me. Maybe it is not modest of me, but it's true. I have always talked about it, people asked my friends to advise them about something in clothes or appearance. And I decided that I needed to work in the fashion industry. Though it was very dis-accustomed at the High School of Fashion «Blanche Noire» in St. Petersburg. Also, the stylist did not work, because the life of passion after the music was perfuming. When I met Comme Des Garcons - it was «2Man», my life was turned upside down, and I became parfmanyakom! I still have the entire collection of the brand, and I think they are very cool !!! I bought all the flavors like crazy ... Then I began to seek out rare, unknown brands. Thank God, then they already appeared in online stores. And yet, I loved to wander in Italy, in the small towns and find small shops, a family business where they make their own scents. This is a true selective. After all, nobody knows you can not buy anywhere else. And it is very cool! In my opinion. And so, somehow gradually, by itself, I met a practitioner private perfumer and learned. Exactly one year ago I graduated. I work less than a year …Now I realize that I am absolutely in the right place. That's what I want to do, and more than anything else! This is the best profession in the world! I love my job. And I know exactly what I have to do it. Because when received appreciation letters from people who bought my spirits, they say that derive great happiness and experiencing different emotions from my perfume - this is happiness! And for the sake of it and is working. I remember one woman (we later became friends and are friends to this day) wrote to me that she cried when inflicted my perfume. It is so unusual and strange ... and it's an incredible feeling. But of course, I still need to study and learn. This profession can and should learn from life

  • Can you remember the moment you decided to become a perfumer?

- In my heart I have always been a perfumer, I have wanted to mix young peoples first perfumes, toilet water, and cologne. Also, my friends and acquaintances jokingly called me "Perfume" plus my passion for aromatherapy so I always have been simply in other degrees.

  • How did you know it would be such a big part of your life?

 - Probably not. But I always knew that there is something that distinguishes me from many people there's something that I can give myself completely to and dedicate yourself and your life too. I always knew that I was not born to the standard of way of living. I can, in me is power and energy that would have to "give" myself to some cause. And this thing - Perfumes. Probably not again modest.

  • Can you talk about the brand, what are the themes that you use and how would you like your work to effect the person that wears it?

- Oh, what a question, Even at number 7! :)Now again my answer may not be modest. I want to give something back to people. That's my mission in this life. Namely warmth and love. After making the spirits, I put a part of yourself, part of your soul, I really want what would my work to give people something that they want and what they need. I'm talking not just about the beautiful perfume or a beautiful aroma. I mean something more … And why do I say that? I do because I know that I'm in the right place, because as more people see something of themselves. And I know how to do it through the scent! It's all on a subconscious level, its something that you do not learn somewhere, it's all intuitive...And now I am fulfilling my mission, and happy about it! And I know that those who have tried it and felt accepted. There are those who do not like what I'm doing. And that's fine so I approach it philosophically I think, it means simply these people do not need what I can share with them. Or are we are just at different some waves ... Our waves do not coincide)) Thank God these units! :))

  • What would your biggest passion in life be at this point?

-A lot of what I'm passionate about! It is always in the first place (excluding flavors) music, fashion, the Vedic school, Esoterica. Now I am studying at the ritual Tarot Magician - Galina Baranova. I was very fascinated with Magic. I started with the Tarot, which would continue to learn from this Master of Magic. She is my Guru. We are working with her on a small collection of four solid perfumes on a variety of topics. The collection will be called "Merkaba". The Perfumes will be directed to Love, protection, luck, and money. I'm now working on the scents, I took part in the pushing of Vedic astrology, combined with the work of Nicolas Kulpeper - he is the most famous and distinguished physician of England of the 17th century, using astrology in medicine. Every part of the plant will be used in Magic and responsible for one of the planets. I will continue to work on them, my teachers. Since perfumes are solid, they are made of wax, and natural wax very well kept information. My Teacher hold the magic rituals and scents will be "charged", involving the owner lives in love, money, success, or protecting it from the negative effects.

But it only one of the projects. As I already spoke above, the world of fashion is close to me. All this led to collaboration over parfum from Meagen Virtanen. It historian of fashion, famous in Russia, collector of vintage clothes of 1910 — 1950. Very charismatic and outstanding personality. To work with it, it is a pleasure!

And still is to steam of interesting ideas, but I won't tell about them yet...

  • Lastly where do you see the fragrance world headed?

-I do not follow trends, fashion trends. So I believe that we need to use only our own opinion and not someone more. But I can assume (as I would like, that would be :)) I wish that people would smell less like everyone else and be inspired so much by fashion trends and reaching blindly for beautiful advertising with world stars, and idols! It's so boring! ... Now after so many indie perfumers! One of them, my good friend - Robert Elder - «Sebastian Perfume»! A wonderful person who helps me in every way, for which I give thanks! With the brands beautiful "Black Magic" and already a cult hit "Espresso Royale."Yet there is one very interesting indie perfumer Marcus McCoy - «House Of Orpheus». I do not know him personally, but I have a good feeling of people. And I feel that his work is close to mine. In any case, it causes a terrible interest! My dream is to get acquainted with his work!))