The Olfactive

Kelly Jones


WHO is wearing perfume in my tasting room?”

The winemaker declared as I swirled my Chardonnay at a California vineyard. I’d suddenly and accidentally defied the etiquette of wine tasting. Wearing perfume while the nose is in the glass is strictly prohibited by oenophiles -it can interfere with the fragrance of wine. But as perfume wafted from my skin, something curious happened. The fragrance notes were perfectly mingling with the wine, enhancing all of the nuances of the bouquet in the glass. While greatly respecting the winemaker’s art, I wondered how I could break the rules and use perfumes to make the nose better appreciate the notes of the wine. I returned to my scent studio with 5 bottles of wine in hand, and sniffed and sipped until I created blends that perfectly captured the notes of each of the varietals.

The final Eau de Parfums is a brand new concept in fragrance – essences that offer a perfect pairing to wine. The result is a truly sensorial and experiential approach to wine and perfume, two of the oldest known pleasures in the world

Kelly Jones


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