The Olfactive

Oleksandr Perevertaylo

Owner, Perfumer, Creative Director


  • Can you speak about your background?

I was born in Kakhovka, it's a small town in the south of Ukraine. When I was five my family moved to Dnepropetrovsk, a large industrial city. But my heart remains at homeland and every year I went to my grandmother on a vacation. So I think in my heart I Southerner. I have two degrees, technical and economic, but it is not useful to me, all of what I was doing until recently not related to the profession which I studied.

  • Has creativity been a big part of your life?

Yes, I think so. I was a DJ, photographer, embroiderer. And now I create fragrances!

  • How did you find your way into the scent world?

Aromas and odors are always interested me and I started collecting perfumes. And when I began traveling a lot, from distant countries, I bring not only perfumes but also raw materials and components in the form of oils, resins, pieces of wood and spices. After returning home from the raw material I did tinctures and extracts, experimented with mixing, bought synthetic ingredients and studied a lot of special literature. That's how I began to create their own fragrances.

  • Can you talk about how the concept of the brand began?

When I create fragrances I rely only on my emotions, experience, and expertise in various fields such as music, literature, photography, art, etc. My fragrances - original reaction to the world around me. When I showed my first fragrance to friends, he liked them and many of them want to buy it. But I wanted to make them happy with the finished product, and I began to think about the brand name, packaging design, and printing. First I drew the logo and then itself has developed the brand name PARTISAN PARFUMS. P the first letter of my surname Perevertaylo and ARTISAN its artisan.

  • What are your inspirations?

I can inspire anything it's so easy! It can be an emotion, a feeling, a word, a man, so anything!

  • What is the scent world in the south of Ukraine like and how has the culture affected your work?

South of Ukraine practically the steppe, blooming in spring, summer, and fall dry and very aromatic. Since childhood, I was surrounded by a very special world of flavors and odors. Ukraine has a very rich and unique culture, and I think it may not explicitly, but always influences what I do.

  • Can you describe the scents in the collection?

SILKY WAY – journey. The journey of modern Europeans to the East. 

Spicy, woody, oriental.


SILLY LOVE - all about love! From the uncontrolled explosion of passion to the mutual respect of partners. 

Floral, leather, chypre.


SUGAR DADDY - self-irony. Improvisation on a successful person and accompanying components of this success.

Woody, leather, chypre.

COVEN – flight. Inspired by the flight of Margarita on the witch coven. Based on the novel 

M. Bulgakov "The Master and Margarita"

Floral, chypre.

  • What are your thoughts of the independent fragrance and art world?

I think independent fragrance is an integral part of the art world and equal participant in the processes occurring in the world of contemporary art.

  • Where can we find your STOCKLISTS?

  • Lastly do you have any other words that you would like to share?

Less words, more good deeds!