The Olfactive


LABORATORIO OLFATTIVO is a niche fragrances brand born in 2009. It came into being by the will of Roberto Drago and Daniela Caon, owners and creators of the brand. The project works around the concept of a creative laboratory where the most eclectic noses currently on the scene come together to create fine fragrances in full freedom, on the basis of a brief given by Roberto Drago. We like to consider it a magical space where notes, chords, and alcohol converge with visions, reflections on a journey, sensations relived for a split-second and fragmented passions to form the main ingredients of Laboratorio Olfattivo’s fragrances. Given their very unique composition, they can be considered “emotional experiences” that come to life through our sense of smell.

A souvenir of a trip, a picture, a smell of youngness, an homage to a flower, research... Each fragrance has its own special story which makes it unique...