The Olfactive
  • Can you begin at the very begin, your history and how you found your way into the fragrance industry?

I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. I studied drawing and painting at the Ontario College of Art and Design before moving to London, England. I had been fascinated with London since I was a child and took my first opportunity to move there. As being an artist seldom leads to a reasonable income, I needed to find an alternative way of earning money in London and by chance ended up working in various perfume stores. I quickly became fascinated by the world of perfume and less interested in being an artist.

In 2003 I opened my own perfume shop in London called Scent Systems. I aimed to sell only the most creative fragrances and often described myself as a curator of a scent gallery. At the time there was very little in the way of natural perfumery on the market and what was available often did not smell like how I expected a perfume to smell like. I wondered if I could make a natural perfume that was in keeping with my perfume expectations and started experimenting with natural fragrance ingredients. Ten years passed, I closed Scent Systems, moved to The Netherlands and eventually built up enough courage to launch my first entirely fragrance in 2013 called Moon Bloom.

  • Had there always been a interest in fragrance or was it something that developed over time?

It is an interest that developed over time.

  • Is there any scents that last in your memories from your childhood?

I remember the perfume my mother used to wear and when I was allowed to use some of my father’s aftershave, only for very special occasions. However, I would not say that these are any more than typical childhood memories.

  • Where is the brand based? Has the culture effected the creation of the scents in anyway?

About five years ago I moved to a small Dutch city called Gouda. The city is more famous for cheese than perfume, but I plan to change this. I would not say that Dutch culture has effected the creation of my scents. However, moving out of London has. I have become much more focused on what I want to create and less worried about what other brands are offering.

  • As for the brand can you describe the themes or methos behind it?

I make entirely natural fragrances. Apart from this the themes are diverse.

  • What does the creative process of scent making and design mean for Hiram Green?

It is a bit abstract. I often choose an ingredient I want to work with, pair it up with another ingredient. I mix the two ingredients in different ratios and slowly start adding other ingredients that I think will compliment. It’s not much different from cooking.

  • When or how was the process of creating the brand? Can you describe what the moment was like that set everything in motion?


  • Can you speak on you bottle and other design choices?

It was important to me for the packaging to be distinctive but also look what people expect a perfume to look like. I decided on a traditional bulb pump atomisers. Not many brands use them nowadays and it is an image that everyone associates with perfume.

  • Where can we find the stocklist for Hiram Green Perfumes?

The easy way is to visit the store locater page of my website for a stockist closest to you.

  • Finally where you feel the fragrance industry may be headed.

It seems like there is more choice for the customer now than ever before. I hope natural perfumery continues to grow and flourish.