The Olfactive

Anastasia Denisenkova

Духи в моей жизни занимают особое место. Они способны дарить глубокие переживания и вдохновение, рассказывать невероятные истории, проживая целую жизнь на коже. Создавать новые ольфакторные образы - мое любимое занятие, и так радостно иметь возможность делиться ими с окружающими. Я работаю как с прекрасными натуральными материалами (абсолютами, эфирными маслами, СО2 экстрактами, тинктурами), так и с качественными синтетическими аромамолекулами. Мои ароматы - это мои детища, в них вся моя душа.

I've been interested in fragrances since my childhood. Admiring and sniffing caps of my mother's perfumes - that was the best way to feel happy and go dreaming. Now perfumes are holding a very special place in my heart. They are my best storytellers and inspires. Scents are taking me into a deep emotional world and every time that becomes one of the most important life experiences for me. After about 15 years of being an addicted perfumista, then perfume blogger and journalist I started my own experiments in blending. Taking interviews or just chatting with experienced perfumers, self-studying of raw materials got me so excited. So why not to try it myself? This is how it all began a couple of years ago. I work both with natural and synthetic ingredients and do not oppose one to another. All the fragrances I've made mean much to me. My perfume line is my personal perfume wardrobe and I put my heart and soul into each and every scent.