Creator and founder

Romy Kowalewski 


  • Can you start at the beginning? Who are you and how did you find your way into the scent world?

I´m a millennial, always on the hunt for the “What” and “How”. As a true perfume lover, I thought it was time for an olfactive interpretation of today´s lifestyle. Artistic perfumes, that do not necessarily transmit the past and evoke memories, but capturing the presence through avant-garde compositions and becoming part of future memories.

  • Before fragrance what were you planning or doing before the fragrance industry?

Coming from an artisan family, fulfilling my passion and deciding to dedicate my career to the perfume industry became clear early on. I´m still in my 20`s and after University, I’ve spent the last years visiting wonderful locations dedicated to the perfume industry, I’ve been on training courses with great professionals and I’ve attended Industry Trade Shows. And then I just felt ready and created 27 87.

  • Has scent been an important part of your life growing up?

I became fascinated by scents when I was a teenager. It is the fastest way to access our emotions, but still the most underestimated one of all our senses. Wearing a perfume let me feel comfortable, underlines my personality and boost my distinct moods more than clothes, music or other expressions. Scents helped me to find and fight for my dreams and light up my passions

  • Where are you from?

I’m from Berlin and local in Barcelona.

  • What inspired you to create 27 87?

Today´s generation. We are well educated, connected and have instant access to information, but we still feel challenged when it comes to follow our dreams, passions, and goals, because we also want to do the right thing and compete everyday with millions of people due to globalization. 27 87 is part of this generation. I wanted to create perfumes, each in its own unique way, that boost our distinct personalities and daily accompany us whilst we find and fight to accomplish our dreams and give light to our passions.  So, each 27 87 perfume has its own personality inspired by how we feel and how we live each different moment in our lives, which are so characteristic for today´s lifestyle.

  • Did you have any fears beginning?

No. I had a very clear idea of what I wanted to do and how to convert my idea into realty. Coming new into the perfume industry, I didn´t have any existing relationships I could rely on, but it made it even more exciting. By creating your own brand, you must cover many business facets like product development, marketing, distribution or administrative duties, etc. Some might be more interesting than others, but in the end, when you do it out of passion, you enjoy it all.

  • What is the fragrance industry like in Spain and EU?


  • Can you walk us through the backdrop of the scents in the line, their themes and inspirations?

Sure. 27 87 starts with 4 perfumes, each one belonging to a collection and each collection describes a trait of today´s lifestyle:


Collection Next Generation - Calm waters are the deepest. Just watch and see…#hashtag captured the spirit of digital citizens, who blog, instagram and tweet their way through life. It was time for a modern and urban perfume that accompanies us through our daily journey of capturing, posting and living.

  • What does #hashtag smell like?

We captured the abstract concept of #hashtag with a very unique composition of incense from Somalia, cedarwood from Morocco, iris from Landes and violet leaves from Egypt combining them with fresh aldehydes, which give #hashtag its metallic digital touch and a uniqueness that reflects our modern times.


elixir de bombe

Collection Diversity – Let loose and expect the unexpected….elixir de bombe talks about that very moment, when you just go for what you want without hesitating. So, it´s not only about looking bombastic, but also feeling and smelling bombastic


  • What does elixir de bombe smell like?

Tangy tangerine, red pepper and sharp ginger along with notes of stone rose and raspberry, give this sweet caramel note in the base the right spark, converting elixir de bombe into a true exclusive elixir that couldn’t be more explosive.



Collection Globetrotting – An infinite world for infinite memories…At the beginning of the 20th century Wandervogel (“wandering bird”) was a popular movement of the German youth towards a "back-to-nature" lifestyle, emphasizing on freedom, spirit of adventure and self-responsibility. In modern terms, Wandervogel is a person, who feels wanderlust, loves to explore, jumps into one adventure after the other and is always on the hunt for the unknown.

  • What does wandervogel smell like?

Shiso leaves give this exotic touch of the far away. Marine notes catch the salty sea breeze; a hint of sand literally lets you smell the beach under your feet. Notes of anise, fennel and white flowers like jasmine appear vitalizing and fresh. A true particularity: the soft touch of Moroccan mint in this ingenious combination lets you feel the excitement and makes you want to depart to your next destination!



Collection Chill & Cozy – Turn off the switch and enjoy life’s most simple pleasures...hamaca means hammock in Spanish and captures this moment of pure relaxation. A gentle breeze on salty skin, the soft heat against moist hair, suspended in time and space, linked only to reality by the narrowest of cords, birds chirping...

  • What does #hashtag smell like?

Salty skin from the sea mingles with a hint of creamy coconut heated up by sun to a noble and warm tonka bean converting over time into a peaceful and relaxing vanilla.

  • Where can we find the brand for purchase?

For the moment in selective perfumeries and concept stores throughout Europe.

  • Is there anything else that you would like to say?

Stay tuned!

And thank you Joshua!! I really appreciate your passion for scents and the effort you put into The Olfactive. Great job and keep going!