An unparalleled collection of perfumed necklaces, which are like talismans, carriers of an uncommon energy.

Mendittorosa Odori d’Anima is for those searching for something “more”; for something that will give them a profound sense of individuality.

Founded in 201 by Stefania Squeglia, Mendittorosa Odori d’Anima is an artistic perfume House, based in Italy. Unconditional passion, love for artistry and craftsmanship, high perfumery, Italian artisanship: Mendittorosa’s identity is forged by a quest for distinctiveness and significance. The House makes no compromise on quality and authenticity. Only the finest ingredients and most genuine materials are used, and everything is handmade in Italy. Because we believe that a perfume is a “scent of the soul”, a way to express or reconnect with our deeper self, we create feisty, conceptual and genderless fragrances that encapsulate deep emotions and meanings. Each olfactory harmony has a proper story and a message to tell, while evoking specific references or memories. An unparalleled collection of perfumed necklaces, which are like talismans, carriers of an uncommon energy.

Mendittorosa Odori d’Anima is for those searching for something “more”; for something that will give them a profound sense of individuality.


Mendittorosa Odori d’Anima / Scents of the Soul

Stefania Squeglia - Creator


  • Stefania, can you speak about your background? And where you grew up and if creativity was a big part of your life.


I’m an Italian woman constantly searching my own way in life.  

I grew up in my birth town Naples (Southern Italy) in the very traditional family, however always cherished my artistic passions- painting and writing, religion, poetry, art, books, Tarot, mineralogy among others. But at the end, family pressure won and I took the classic way of studying.


  • How did you find your way into the scent world?

It is all connected to moments from my childhood, to the reveal of a forgotten memory: the power of volcano Stromboli and its lava, to the sudden discovery of well hidden treasure. Let me explain it better: I visited unique island called Stromboli which is in fact the still active volcano,  1000 meters above the sea and 2000 deep down. Big black lava mountain in the middle of Mediterranean sea. I have been there several times feeling especially connected to this place where lava is still blown from the volcano, every day and every moment, but instead of bringing destruction it goes directly to the sea leaving 300 people, 300 souls with their normal fishermen’s life. You can truly feel special energy while visiting Stromboli.

Being on that island I had flashback: one day I saw myself as 5 years old girl making perfumes by just blending my secret potions in my mother’s and grandmother’s jars, putting them in the darkness and waiting… I felt big hope back then, the real sense of magic and happiness while waiting for my “perfumes” to transform. It was innocent, pure experience, almost talking in another, silent and deep language. Why did I forget it after some years, why it suddenly came back to me? No idea, but this regained memory, lost vocation persuaded me to take the new path in life and to follow my true self (which is in fact the main message of one of Mendittorosa’s scents: LE MAT).


  • Can you talk about how the concept of Mendittorosa Odori d’Anima brand began?

It is result of this experience I have just talked about. The Stromboli (nicknamed Iddu- ID) volcano power that reminded me my childhood passion and innocence. I have decided to start completely new life around my forties leaving previous “high-level” position in the event management and that how is Mendittorosa Odori d’Anima was born. I was re-born with our first scents: The Trilogy. Alfa and Omega – symbols of rebirth, opposites, changes, of walking through this life, expressing yourself. I have made Stromboli volcano – ID the third element of Trilogy, the symbolic guardian. Mendittorosa is not a brand for everybody, these are authentic scents conceived for the souls, far from the classic beauty approach, with limited distribution. We are warranty of being truly niche, artisanal, independent and philosophical.

  • What are the inspirations behind the brand?

My life as such – my new artistic path and philosophy, not the one which my family wanted for me. I am inspired by Tarot, astrology, poetry, our emotions… than, with help of Flair Paris lab and its noses Anne-Sophie Behaghel and Amélie Bourgeois I am translating those feelings and experiences into scents. Scents which talk in the souls’ language.

  • What inspires you?

Richness of life and our soul. Constant research and looking for raw materials. Mendittorosa’s scents are created without looking at marketing trends, we are patient, we have time to achieve the desired effect, or accord. For example, in case of Sogno Reale the whole process of trials and experiments took us more than one year. The message of each project is important. I talked about The Trilogy already (new beginning is the end of something else and vice versa, ID: the volcano, place where they are totally together), than we have North and South – universe of two opposites which still belong to each other. Le Mat: leave everything and follow your true self, Sogno Reale: dream your life and live your dreams. Upcoming Nettuno scent: the passion for art and sensibility, the magnetism of a Neptune planet which represent our inner emotions. The infinite mirror of your potential.

Packaging is truly important in case of Mendittorosa. We are unique and again, far from what market offers. I am inspired by my country: Italian artists, artisans, hidden talents of all those small towns. I look for them to express my visions and message through proper packaging. These people are part of each Mendittorosa final product: their hands, their minds and efforts. We use special wooden boxes reflecting those used to carry art pieces, we use stones, metals, rope, plombs, terracotta, raku ceramics, gold leafs, mosaic, mirrors… and who knows what future brings.

  • What are your thoughts of the independent fragrance world?

It’s difficult field where market pressure is exactly the same as in every other sector. I think that we are surrounded by so many niche projects, but between truly artistic and passionate niche labels there are some which use just proper marketing and positioning. But I do not want to focus on it, because I don’t like to be and feel negative and to criticize. Customers have choice and I believe that Mendittorosa’s message will reach them as we are authentic, independent and brave, without compromises, without large numbers of stockists. It has good and bad sides, of course – but this is idea I strongly believe in.

  • Where can we find your STOCKISTS?

We are in several countries and cities, like London, Berlin, Rome, Warsaw, Moscow, Dubai, Ryhad, Milan, San Sebastian, Turin, Kiev, Odessa, St. Petersburg, Bruxelles, Istanbul, Nicosia, Baku, Vilnius, Naples… Please contact us directly to get more detailed information. I also do encourage you to visit official e-boutique. We offer free international shipping and also possibility to acquire Discovery Kits to get know our art better.

  • Lastly do you have any other words that you would like to share?

I would like to leave important message: scents could really be a language for expressing and reaching our souls. That is really a complex and ancient art and it is  possible to approach it with high dignity and respect. Independent artistic perfumery - as we and others few do - deserves attention and could really be treated as « artistic » expression of life. I feel that I will experiment further with such different, high profile and artistic way to offer something special to the world. It feels amazing and it fills every second of my life with joy.  And of course, thank you, Joshua for the interview – this invitation made me happy as The Olfactive is special place for expressing the art of perfumery. Wish you best luck with your magazine and your special future projects.