Evgeniya Chudakova Джейн Чудакова

 Евгения Чудакова  :  фотограф

 Evgeniya Chudakova : Photographer

A interview


  • Can you tell us of your background?

I was born and raised in South of Russia - in a small spa-resort Kislovodsk, then entered the Linguistic University in the nearby town, as I always was fascinated by the magic of a written and spoken word, magic of a language, magic of literature...and this University was among the most important in this field in Russia. I spent five years studying French philology and besides I was taking courses in English and Italian languages. But it was firstly because of my interest, not for some future job projects.

  • Have you always wanted to be in the fragrance industry/photographer industry?

Since my childhood I was always keeping with me my heavy film-camera and photography was always very big part of my life, though I never participated in any contests or thought to do it my profession (today it's the same - thank God I don't have to use photography to earn my living and that's why I can take pictures only when and how I want, to participate in commercial projects only if I consider it appropriate). What about perfume - being a student I loved perfumes, but at that time I just had not enough money to buy a lot)) But I never thought to work in perfume industry, as my dream was to become film director.

  • What was life like growing up? Was perfume or smell a large part of it?

My life is rather usual except for two terrorist attacks that barely killed me. Small provincial multinational town, not so many friends, many books and a lot of music, then University and first trip abroad that changed a lot my perception of the world and brought so wider vision of our society in general. I can't say that perfumes and smells played a big role in my life. There were not family manor and my grandmother's and mother's drawer with vintage perfume legends inside that I could remember from my childhood, but of course I paid attention to the smells I was surrounded - I remember that strange smell of photo-chemicals that my dad used in a dark room (our kitchen in fact) while developing his black and white photos, I remember wax and burnt wood smell in my granddad's workshop where he made bee-houses, I remember honey-sweet wild flowers aroma that was mixing with bitter powdery artemisia smell in the fields of the village where my grandma lives....all this is a kinda Proust effect, so, it works, undoubtedly.


  • How did your journey begin?

I came to Moscow in 2010 in order to earn money for my film studies in USA. I did it and entered NYFA (New York Film Academy). I was ready for my Hollywood escapade but I was denied a visa and it was really frustrating, I just could not believe it really happened to me, as it took me 2 years to come closer to my dream. My friend offered me to go somewhere just to have fun, to take me out of this frustration. We chose Milano in March and due to attention to perfume world I knew that there is a perfume fair held in March. There is a separate story how and why I got press-pass not being a journalist, but finally I was there and I met occasionally Elena Knezevic - Fragrantica.com (Biggest International Perfume Encyclopaedia) Editor-in-Chief. Then I tried to write about perfumes and she published me. It was in 2013. Now I'm Executive Editor at Fragrantica.ru - second biggest web-site in Fragrantica family.

  • Tell us a little about your work. Your concepts, how does it change from client to client?

If talking about perfumes - besides being an Editor and taking cake about Russian-language Fragrantica web-site (as we have four authors there and also we translate the most interesting English-language content into Russian), I continue to be Columnist for both Fragrantica.com and Fragrantica.ru. During perfume fairs I take photos for web-site as well.

As for photography, as I said, I don't have to do it for money, so I just take the series of photos when I have some ideas or I'm proposed some interesting projects. Recently I took photos of Marcel Franck amazing perfume bottles - it's an interesting story, how Bernard Dennery re-created this historical brand that was founded in 1882. Also, I did a series of photos for a new perfume brand that we are planning to launch shortly - it will be a collaboration of three artists. I'm responsible for visual part, Anna Zworykina - our perfumer, did 5 all-natural perfumes and Irina Batkova - painter, designed silk corahs with her painted ornaments, inspired by Russian folk art.

  • What is the creative process that you follow if you can share?

For me inspiration is everywhere: in all the beautiful and ugly things I see. Everything influences you and everything can be reflected in what you are doing. You just have to open all your senses to the world, not only for pleasant things, but for the bad ones as well. It hurts sometimes, but artist him/herself is not a world, he or she is a reflection of the world.

  • What would be your dream project?

I don't dream, I have only ideas and if some idea doesn't leave my head for some time, I bring it to life in some form. But I could say maybe, that my dream is to create something that could bring people more humanity.

  • Finally is there anything else that you would like to share?

First of all - thank you for interest to what I do, I hope you could find in it something interesting. And, finally, all I can share is reflected in my photos and my texts.

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