FRAGments is a curated perfume-as-art event for artisan perfumers to present their work in a gallery setting where they may sell direct to the public. In addition to highlighting the work of artisan perfumers (those who conceive, make, bottle and market their own work), FRAGments seeks to present others who work with the medium of scent and olfaction.  

The name is derived from FRAGRANCE MOVEMENT and picks up on the slang word for perfume, "FRAG". Implied is the recognition that each artisan perfumer is a fragment of a whole that celebrates differences. The first FRAGments event was held in Los Angeles on June 22, 2013 in the gallery of artist, Clare Graham. 

FRAGments 2014 will be held in the studio of Highland Park artist Bradley Thordarson and will be free to the public! Refreshments and a cash bar serving fragrant cocktails will ensure that FRAGments will be a delightful sensory experience.



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