A abstraction of the sport scent


A small package wrapped in grey ruff paper was dropped at my door one afternoon There was a small white card tucked away inside with it was the acalling card of the brand. That is further packaged with a tote bag and papers that explain the brand and works that lay inside. Goest has some of the most thoughtful and well placed packaging and branding that I have come across it is a art-house perfumery that creates small jems of wonder. I find them to be a bit more personal than some scents because they lay very close to the skin but are still long lasting.

That brings be to one of my favorites of the line Lartigue


This would be a decontructed sports scent and manages to create something that is translucent, clean and light. It does not seem to move or take any one solid shape or form but only a still object hovering a few centimeters above my skin. This isa bueatiful work that is worlth a try.


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