A State of Hystera

Gabriella Chieffo Profumi


I must admit at times I become a bit lost for time, I'm far behind schedule. But non the less I am beginning to reflect of scent once again. So with that said I want review scents based not if each scent is good or bad but on the merit of the art itself and what the artist or creator was trying to say.

Last year I came discovered Gabriella Chieffo Profumi, after a short email and two weeks later I received a small packet in the mail with a handwritten note tucked inside the wrapper. The fragrances of the line are meant to draw from the culture, history, and Gabriella's memories of differn't stages of her life. Today I am wearing one of those scents named Hystera, its a warm, spicy and dense I find it somewhat similar in a way to different scent in the line called RAGU” RAGU happens to be my favorite of the line I also happen to think that it's a masterpiece.


During a interview Gabriella spoke to me about each scent and how they were meant it capture different moments of her life though Hysteria would better be described in her own words. You can read the full interview by choosing the interview below.

 "The 2014 collection is closed by Hystera, that represents the choice, my hard choice to have a baby at 17, and after this kind of choice your life will never be the same. It is something born in the depths of the soul, a hollow soul that fills with the flow of life. It is pain and birth, union and separation, melding and tearing, and heartrending love that creates and continues its own self, giving new meaning. From the discovery of these inner perceptions came the almost natural need." 

Capturing and reacting such feelings are not easy, the scent recreates this by never really coming together as one single piece to me but as a contrasting impression of floral notes and powdery patchouli settling into a beautiful fragrance that is both warm and calming.

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