Blood Flower


A sharp suit, low light and a spray of BLOOD FLOWER by Parfums Quartana and a new gothic masterpiece is born. This scent along with the remaining fragrances in the line are concepts of deadly flowers.

 A twisted look into the dark side of beautify

Blood flower can work wonderfully both on men and women. Once sprayed on the skin the blood note spreads across your skin as if a small cut that begins to bleed and was slowly lapped by a vampiric lover. Amber, Rose, and Patchouli round-out the base of the fragrance and adds a rich depth that goes past the simple blood/floral theme.

This is a very modern and well thought out collection scent that can be worn in a professional setting.


Licorice, Anise, Blood Accord, Clover, Orris, Dark Rose, Amber, Patchouli

You can read the interview with the brands creator below  Joseph Quartana

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