PerfumerWorld School offers, perhaps the most comprehensive and intensive courses on the business, marketing, technology and art of perfumery available anywhere. No little things that are held back.

The training is unique in that it uses a quite revolutionary and systematic method we call The ABC's of Perfumery.  The ABC's of Perfumery is very easy to learn and the most powerful tool to date for describing and classifying smells. It was published in May/June 1999 issue of Perfumer & Flavorist, the foremost journal in the perfumery and flavor industry. The Perfumers Workbook is founded on the concepts of The ABC's of Perfumery system.

Most international perfumery houses have no training facilities for perfumers. PerfumersWorld now have students working in 8 out of 10 of the top ten perfumery houses from more than 40 countries worldwide including USA, UK, Canada, France, Mexico, Germany, Holland, Spain, Finland, Italy, Singapore, Switzerland, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Israel, Poland, India, Bangladesh, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Malayasia, Hong Kong, Australia, Columbia, Eritrea, South Africa, Russia, Brazil, Pakistan, Turkey, Taiwan, Venezeula.

Courses are designed for training Perfumers, evaluators and marketing staff in the perfumery industry. They are also popular with business owners, aroma chemists but their approach is such that even complete beginners with little or no chemistry or perfumery background at all can follow them.

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About Stephen Dowthwaite:

Stephen V. Dowthwaite is the principle instructor and founder of PerfumersWorld. He has been the industry since 1971 and trained in fine perfumery in the UK (Picot Laboratories - one of the last creative perfumery houses in the UK -the perfumes are now in the Jovan stable).

In the 70's he worked as a perfumer & cosmetic chemist with Grossmiths, Norda, and Sarant's in the UK and went on to become freelance consultant perfumer for 10 more years.

Travelled to Thailand in 1989, loved it and decided to stay. However, there being no perfumery manufacturing industry, first set up agencies for Quintessence Fragrances in the Pacific Rim then started the first perfume compounding facility in Thailand in 1992 at Adinop Co. Ltd.

  • He now works as a consultant for Thai-China Flavours and Fragrances, Thailand
  • Guangzhou Baihua Flavours and Fragrances the largest FF house in mainland China
  • Consultant with the National Science and Technology Development Agency
  • Special Instructor at King Mongkut University (Masters degree option course) in Thailand
  • Has at least 300 fragrances and flavours currently on the market in more than 14 countries.

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About the Workshop:

PerfumersWorld Recently added a new place to its operation which is Dubai. The coming workshop- The Art and Technology of Perfumery (Foundation Plus Level)-  in Dubai will be from the 1st to the 5th of June and the location is in Four Points Sheraton Hotel. It would be a great chance to enjoy what Dubai has to offer, receive an extensive training in perfumery, in addition to socializing with local industry professional and building your network there.


This short course is hands-on training in perfume creation — creation of your own perfumes and perfumes you will create with your work group as part of the class exercises that are an integral part of the training

We work with aroma materials — synthetic and natural — single materials and bases — at full strength and diluted (to make blending practical). You will work with a library of over hundreds of aroma materials AFTER being trained in a method of selecting these materials intelligently to meet the exact needs of their student projects.

For all the "technology" that will be discussed, you do not need a technical background to thrive in this course. And, while you will be introduced to some fragrance chemistry (which you will find very helpful in selecting the most appropriate aroma materials for your projects) you need not bring any knowledge of chemistry to the workshop. Nor do we assume you know anything about formulating a perfume.

For someone with an interest in perfumery, a Steve Dowthwaite 5-Day Perfumery Workshop can be a life changing experience. 

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