This is one the first reviews on the site, in fact, I believe this to be the first.  With this in mind I want to clarify, that the reviews are less about judging whether a scent is good or bad, but more, they are about my view on their artistic merits. That said.

ROADS is a multi-discipline brand from Ireland, that create narratives across literature, film, and in this case fragrance. I received a release of the first and last collection.  This review will only be about one scent in the first collection.

The first collection contains ten scents, each are like a self contained story or a series of small novellas. LIGHTS is the sixth scent in the collection, the inspiration of LIGHTS is hope, faith, good-well and well-meaning and is meant to give the wearer a sense of confidence.

LIGHTS' juice has a sometimes dark red hue, that you may notice changes over time in color because of the high level of essential oils in the fragrance. When sprayed it brings to my mind the type of scent that wraps one in a bit of mystery. LIGHTS does not smell fully gourmand nor fully floral to me but somewhere in-between. The scent like the others of the collection has been created with much care and is not designed to make one feel sexy, pretty, or attractive, but instead to add to your well being.

I find this scent to be perfectly worn on a rainy day when the spirits may be dampened, or any day where one must show-up in best-form, head held high. The effect you will leave a room when wearing LIGHTS is one of a confident person. It is a rare gem and I love the beautiful, rich silage. This scent as well as the other scents of ROADS may be found at one of the Avery Perfume Galleries, there you will also find housed many artisan scents that carry the same level of detail, beauty and thoughtfulness.

Bergamot peel, white jasmine, ylang ylang and citrus peel

Clove bud, rose geranium with violet leaf

Vanilla, amber, sandalwood with old musk