A sensual moment of mystery

Sensual Oud is a rose/oud based fragrance but takes a very modern way of displaying such. It has hints of classic french perfumery will still holding on to the spirit of the OUD. The fragrance was created by fragrance house ART de Parfum. Based in London, the brands creator, director and nose is Ruta Degutyte creates the brands fragrance with cares in intense passion. My favorite of the line is Sensual Oud in the case of many OUD based scents they tend to be heavy dence. But that is not the case here it's a bit more subtle cleaner and hovers close the skin. I think this may be due in past that it is listed as  feminine scent with the brand, but this can be worn as a masculine floral very easily and in some culture the Rose in fact is a masculine note.

Ruta sent to my address a small package of samples from the line, the branding itself gives a fairly good impression of what you should  expect. Very focused balanced works of high-end scent art. The first spray of Sensual Oud to me was a sugary sweet note that I could not place until looking over the note list. It was date a fruit, a fruit that that I have never smelled in a fragrance before and also a fruit that I would have not thought would have worked but It does. In first moments it unfolds into a rose on my skin and then there is the clove though though used a top note it falls into the backdrop of the rose and saffron to give the scent a full but balanced body.

As for the other notes I did not notice the suede in and of itself. During the dry down I noticed a light leafy aspect to the scent in this case that would be patchouli ( it is a leaf or plant related to the mint). Patchouli is a interesting choice because the perfumer can present to note in many different ways, dry, leafy or humid It keeps the dry leafy aspect and humid body of the plant. In a way it helps to put a nice twist on the OUD style of scent that is everywhere it seems these day. Overall the fragrance is wonderful addition to a collection, best worn at night in.

A wonderful tool of seduction....

Top Notes: clove, geranium leaf, date
Heart Notes: saffron, rose, suede
Bottom Notes: patchouli, oud, cypriol

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