The Dark Side by FrancescaBianchi Perfumes

I received a lovely packaged in the mail, a simple white envelope. Inside I found wrapped in cellophane bubble-wrap; three samples each with white labels around them and a handwritten note from Francesca the perfumer. As I read her note I started to open the tops of the small scent-vials and spread each across my skin. The scent in the collection that I loved the most is called “The Dark Side” it contains  

honey, spices, iris, violet, sandalwood, cedarwood, vetiver, amber, styrax, incense, patchouli, vanilla.    

It’s one of the sexiest fragrances that I have smelled in a very long time, the notes that I notice are the incense, iris, and honey it adds a good balance. It unfolds and tells it's story over skin in a subtle, soft way. When Francesca spoke to me, she told me of how she makes everything by hand in small batches in her studio also of how she allows everything to age properly in jars perfectly on shelves. She is embodying the craft and art of perfume making and taking it into the future. I also would image that this perfume would go over-well on dates. It’s very wearable by both men and women. Though I think this scent leans more on the feminine form..I would imagine becoming lost and meeting the perfect stranger somewhere in Italy among the old churches with sunday incense and a cafe....