Stéphanie POULAGE


Stephanie Poulage

  • Can you speak about your background? 

I started to learn with Rochas and different creations studios in Paris and New York, worked for Procter in different countries then went independent with my own lab and created with my associate Gaétan Ferté ,the fragrance brand Poulage Parfumeur.
Has creativity was a big part of your life.
I have always been creating since I was a child. Creating is fun to me. In France at nursery school, I did only this, all day. What a time!

  • How did you find your way into the scent world?

At 13 I wanted to become a perfumer ,or an astronaut J, and went to learn at ISIPCA School in Versailles after studying pharmacy and chemical engineering.

  • Can you talk about how the concept of the brand?

The concept was to create fragrances that take you into a dream of space and time, so we are out of trends. Also in order to sublimate the skin, I wanted to get into very natural perceptions, thus the use of substantial quantities of naturals!

  • Can you describe your process of scent creation?

The essential part is the destination. Once I know where I want to go then I start to find a way. Not any way though but a beautiful way. No overused pathways, no easy shortcuts. Sometimes it means years of work!

  • What are your inspirations?

They come from the inside, the emotions, my love, my life.

  • Can you talk about the scents and their character?

You can wear each of them in every season of the year and they belong to different olfactive territories. These are feel good perfumes and they wake up your senses especially Suprême Orient. Their characters are unique on the market.
Ubiquité is a longlasting Eau Fraîche that reminds of summer in the countryside; Liquid Time is a fresh vetyver , green spicy wood and amber , each facet working like a watch-making complication; Odora Di Femina  works on you like you are in a bouquet of roses and Suprême Orient is an Oriental and Origan type with an aromatic top note.

  • How has the scent world changed and is changing in your view?

The big perfume launches are no news any more, too many launches with no ambition. But as the growth in the industry comes from niche perfumes now, a shift is happening. Intentions are not always sincere though.

  • Where can we find your STOCKLISTS?

You will find the updated stocklists on For the US watch the space.

UBIQUITÉ / EDT/ Citrus, Wood, Amber
Smells like summer in the countryside
Citrus are present at the opening (Bergamot, Lemon, Tangerine, Orange). The freshness lasts with mate together with ginger and cedar wood. Then a hay note comes up, warming the whole fragrance with its summery warmth.

LIQUID TIME / EDT/ Wood, Spices, Citrus.
A vetiver/ sandalwood dresses the skin like suede leather
The beginning is green and fruity: rhubarb, pear and blackcurrant. Then it becomes aromatic cypress, follow the spices: clove, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, unveiling a deep vetiver twirled with sandalwood, hot-dry amber and cistus.

ODORA DI FEMINA/ EDP/ Rose, Musk, Amber.
A bride dress
A very romantic perfume, but not only, that gives the impression to move inside a bouquet of roses while wearing it. Turkish rose oil leads the top, with mandarin oil and black pepper oil. The heart continues with precious musks to put forward this rose that evolves petals by petals into an absolute rose, together with a skin-like amber note.

SUPRÊME ORIENT/ EDP/ Oriental, Spicy, Green, Aromatic
An oriental with influences from Asia, Arabia and India, without falling completely into one of these directions.
As soon as you reach through the door of Suprême Orient, the nutmeg together with plum and peach takes you under the fig and myrtle leaves. While wearing it, you can see through little by little a dance of flowers: rose, jasmine sambac and orange flowers. Then comes softly the patchouli, tobacco and vanilla absolute together with balsams such as opoponax and incense.