Interview with 

Josephine Ademi of Wild Eden Perfumes


  • Can you tell us of your background?

Well, actually, I am a trained beautician by profession. I learned the profession because I wanted to be a make-up artist at the Theatre later and this was desperate to advance the training as a beautician. For financial reasons, however, it was denied to me; after my training completed the dream job continue to learn at one of the few private schools.  So I decided to work in my learned profession further and founded at the age of 21, my first small business. In addition to independent work in practice, I attended various training courses on aroma and sound therapy. My main interest was in aromatherapy. Here I have my knowledge especially deepened because I noticed how my clients responded positively to treatment with essential oils. Later I began to prepare for my customers self-made ointments and oil mixture. During this period grew in me the desire to create own fragrance knew the tremendous healing properties of essential oils, I decided for me in the future to work only with natural ingredients. I loved how versatile the ethereal essences can use and what a great effect they have on us, both in the physical field as well as in the mental and spiritual field. After several years of searching, I met fortunately natural perfumer, who was my mentor. Thus began my intensive study of natural perfumery. I gave up my first company and devoted myself now to my biggest passion, compose the perfume. After an infinite series of legal requirements, my dream came true. In September 2013 my new company, Wild Eden was born.

  • Did you have an interest in fragrance growing up?

Yes, I believe that secretly wish every perfumer. But the Wild Eden fragrance creations are all lovingly made by hand, in my own little perfume factory. The scents are not manufactured on an industrial level and should remain so in the future. We want to make the niche player counterpoint to the mainstream.

  • Well, how did you current journey into perfume begin?

See above

  • What would you say is your creative process?

The greatest source of inspiration of the day, I try to draw, is nature. I love to walk in nature. It changes constantly and there is always something new happening with her. There processes I watch them and take them in me as often I can. You could say that experienced in nature promotes creative thinking, which I need for my work. At this time begins the creative part. I try my experienced and his felt to translate into the language of wonderful world of fragrance. And I love to hear music during my work, especially classical music. I think the music and compose the fragrances are very close together. In the technical language it is called synaesthesia. We are indeed often sharing the concepts. Fragrance notes, composition, chords, scent organ…. The musician and the perfumer, both act in the subtle area.

  • Do you have any advice for those that may want to become a perfumer?

Well, there are some ways to become a perfumer. The way is not always easy. Some have safely completed a course of study in France at the famous school ISIPCA. Here in Germany there is not such a training opportunity, however, unfortunately. If you have great luck finding a perfumer, who then puts his knowledge. This was the case with me. I was made to love scents on this path. If you act with patience and passion, one thing is good. Especially it is true for all creative work. Who wants to be creative, should, I mean abandoning our conventional specifications and experiment. This is the only way to create something new for my opinion.  

  • What is your brand about and what are the themes that you use?

Our idea is to produce 100% natural fragrances based on the most precious essential oils from all part of the world. In our fragrance creations only steam distilled or cold pressed essential oils are used in organic or Demeter quality. Thus, the fragrances receive aromatherapy quality. Wild Eden wants to combine the aesthetic aspects of a fragrance with health and well-being for body and mind. Furthermore, we want to be ambassadors of a millennia-old tradition. Wild Eden would revive the valuable knowledge about herbal fragrances and their healing properties and weave it into our modern era.

  • If you were not a perfumer what do you think you would be doing?

Basically, I am interested in many things at the same time. I love everything that makes me feel creative, drawing, writing, music. And I am very interested in art. I just started again to play the piano. At the age of 6 years, I started with the music and got piano lessons. This went fine until I started to become rebellious. At the age of 17, I then returned to my piano back.  If you want to become a professional musician, you need a lot of practice and discipline. I had no longer at this time, what I sometimes regret. So if I were not a perfumer, I would perhaps a pianist? J

  • Where can we find your perfumes for sale?

You can find and buy the Wild Eden scents at our online shop ( We have also 1ml samples which you can order. And we have a dealer from Germany called “Naturdrogerie” (  In future we hope to be able to offer the scents internationally, and to find some beautiful niche stores, perhaps also in New Orleans?

  • Finally do you have any other words that you would like to share?

I would share with you a poem about fragrances, which is particularly close to my heart and what the “inspired” by the scent so wonderfully describes:

“As it is hardly felt your scent, flown with the east wind, my heart has separated from me; I flew out to look for you. Forget it has now been long since the body that was once his home, and has also imbibed with your scent your entire being.”

~Abu Sd’id Ibn ´L-Chair~